Tips for New Students


Being a new student at a new school can often be difficult. If you are a new student coming to St. Mark’s, you probably will not know a lot of people, if any. You will be in a whole new setting, figuring out how to make friends, managing your academic workload,  fitting in your athletic team and trying to get some minutes. And on top of all of that, you probably should join some clubs and organizations while you’re here. I came in as a freshman at St. Mark’s, and I wish I had a list of tips that someone gave me when I stepped foot on campus. So here they are: 


1. Take Advantage of Deans Sponsored Events

Does Deans Sponsored really mean the Dean's Office is going to pay for you? The answer to this question is yes! If you want to go out but don’t want to spend any money, this opportunity is perfect for you! Whether it be a trip to Starbucks on Route 9 or AMC Dine-In Theatre in Framingham, all of these events will be well worth it! This opportunity is a great way to get away from studying for a few hours and to just get off of campus… for FREE!


2. Meet Your Teachers Outside of Class

One of the best things about St. Mark’s is that you have teachers who are available when they are on dorm duty! After all, about 90% of the faculty live on campus! I have found out that the students who meet with their teachers on a regular basis are some of the most successful students at St. Mark’s. Take advantage of this opportunity— you are not able to meet with your teachers this frequently at most schools! 

3. Join A New Club

There are SO many clubs at St. Mark’s, and most students are usually involved in two or three. Even if you were not able to sign up for a club during the Club Fair, that doesn’t mean you can’t sign up! You can pick from the SM Cornhole club to the French Club to the Photography Club! Personally, I think you should join the Haiti Partnership and Women in STEM, but I am being biased because I am one of the heads for both of those clubs. You can also talk about how often clubs usually meet.

4. Go On At Least One Trip

Believe it or not, students have opportunities to travel to almost every continent at St. Mark’s. Some of the trips that are offered include trips to Paris, Namibia, and Belize. The trips are usually at spring and summer breaks. If you want to learn more about the details, ask Dr. Warren or the global ambassadors.