Letter from the Editors

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the St. Marker and thanks for visiting us! The St. Marker is the official school newspaper of St. Mark’s School and one of the oldest publications on campus, tracing its history back to 1947. This school year marks our second year publishing in an online platform rather than in print. This is done in an effort to embrace a wider readership both within and outside of the school community and to provide a more accessible version of the newspaper.

There are many things we look forward to as we steer the St. Marker together with an exceptional group of editors throughout this entire year. We will bring back of the April Fool’s issue, also known as the Snide Remarker, a favorite of many due to its characteristically witty and sarcastic tone. We have already published a back-to-school issue, a Parent Weekend issue and a February issue that you can find in the “Past Issues” section.

In this issue, you can find articles on the Poetry Week, performances of the Cutler Jazz Festival, Q&A with German exchange students, St. Mark’s Musical Club’s spring production Mama Mia and much more. Rwick, our Editor and the leader of the Students For Sustainability Club, recounted the annual Sustainability Conference hosted by St. Mark’s and discussed the school’s role in promoting environmentally sustainable practices in his article. As Prize Day draws near, we are currently assembling a new editorial board for next year’s St. Marker and producing the Prize Day Issue.

Once again, thank you for visiting the St. Marker. We hope you enjoy your visit and look forward to seeing you again. If you have any feedback for us or have any article ideas, please let us know! You can find our emails here: sanjnapatel@stmarksschool.org and haozhengzhang@stmarksschool.org.


Sanjna Patel and Justin Zhang

Editors-in-Chief of the St. Marker