Tips for New Faculty

Dear New Faculty,

Welcome to St. Mark’s!

We know how difficult it can sometimes be to come to a new school, and so the St. Marker staff have put together a list to help you get to know our student culture a little better. We hope your year is off to a good start! Here are some things you should know about us and about life at St. Mark’s.

One of my favorite parts of St. Mark’s is being close to several faculty members. Get to know the students, whether you teach them or not. -Paige LaMalva, VI Form 

Please enjoy having informal conversations with the students! We love talking about more topics besides academics with the faculty and building stronger relationships with our teachers. - Amy Kim VI Form

Students definitely love the donuts you bring to class or the cookies you bake in the dorms! - Sam Wang V Form

Have conversations about philosophy even if you teach science; and about the big bang theory even if you teach languages--conversations on what seems to be random, crazy topics are oftentimes the most fun at SM. - Clara Hua V From

If you teach a class during Orange, consider changing up the classroom a little bit on Wednesdays so that you and your students could enjoy some sunshine in the dining hall and a delicious second breakfast while having great discussions about the course material. —Cathy Zhou, V Form

If you are looking for ways to become that teacher everyone loves, breakfast classes or out-to-lunch early class. There is no better way to earn love from hungry teens. Also, try signing up for many different weekend activities, there are all kinds of cool activities and places you can visit! –Suha Choi, IV Form

Brown is a really hard color block to teach. If your students are tired or abnormally quiet, it is not you, it’s the color block. -- Anni Zhang, V Form

Enjoy your time here! Take some time to appreciate the campus, to walk to nearby stores, and to soak in the close-knit community. -Sunny Li IV Form

You have to pace yourself. I received this advice from a veteran teacher my first year at a boarding school and it has proven extremely helpful. - Dr. Harwood