Letter from the Editors

Happy October! We hope you had a restful summer and a great beginning of this school year. It has been a busy few weeks for us at The St. Marker, and we know we are a bit late on this letter, but we have a wealth of articles to show for it. 

This fall, the St. Mark’s community warmly welcomed nine new faculty members as well as five Australian exchange students, and after reading fourth- former Suha Choi’s and my article in HUman’s of St. Mark’s, you will get to know them better. Also check out Suha’s first “News from the Ball Pit,” a new human interest series we are adding this year.

The News section features fifth- former Clara Hua and fourth-former former Amanda Wang’s article about the annual Club Fair, in which more than 30 clubs at St. Mark’s participated. Also in this month’s issue: Co-managing Editor Cathy Zhou introduces the science behind the Triple E outbreak and ways that people can prevent contracting the disease. Fourth- former Sunny Li talks about the St. Mark’s institutional research bulletin, Leverage Points. Sports Editor Anni Zhang writes about Taekwondo, a new fall afternoon activity.

Moving from sports to arts, fifth- former Elise Gobron writes about the Southborough Sounds Concert Series. Forth- former Joy Wei profiles this year’s fall play, Angels in America. 

Last but not least, in this issue’s Opinion section, fifth- former Katie Park reflects on how she views the new phone parking policy at St. Mark’s. Co-managing Editor Paige LaMalva’s gives tips for new St. Markers to help them adapt to a new environment. So new students: read it, print it out, and stick it up on your walls, so that two weeks from now, you will find yourself much more comfortable at St. Mark’s. 

We hope you enjoy all that this issue has to offer!

All the best,

Rebecca and Luke