Featured Team: Girls Varsity Tennis

by Captain Summer Hornbostel ‘18

With freshmen Leila Fredrick, Tate Fredrick, and Anni Zhang competing as the top three players, the St. Mark’s girls varsity tennis team has done exceptionally well this season. The success is due to each and every one of the players, skill level aside. Captains Reevie Fenstermacher and Summer Hornbostel energize the team with fun music, swagger and horrible jokes, creating an atmosphere every team should aspire to have. Rosanna Zhao and Leean Li have been proud members of the team for three years now and have helped me feel like a part of SMGVT from day one. Isabelle Titcomb joined SMGVT later with me, and we have helped each other improve since then. Emma Simon and Frances Hornbostel are two other freshmen who bring skill, dedication, and positive energy to the team. Together we work hard and play hard against every team. We pride ourselves on our mental toughness, which is an important aspect of tennis, where each and every stroke and point matters. We like to think about the next point, rather than dwelling on past points. Whether we made a mistake or won the last point, we try to think only of the point we are playing in that moment. We have had one of the best SMGVT records of all time and this year we were invited to play in the Class B New England Championship for the first time in St. Mark’s history. We are prepared to bring our physical and mental toughness, our positive attitudes and our fun personalities (with our amazing assortment of snacks) to New England’s this weekend. We will leave our hearts on the court and walk out with swagger no matter what happens. I’m so lucky to be a captain of such a wonderful and fun group of girls this year. Our practices and team dinners are always full of laughter, and I love seeing smiles on everyone’s faces. I will miss hearing Rosanna scream every time a bug comes near her. I will miss being my sister’s doubles partner. I will miss listening to Anni sassing Tate and Leila (and vice versa) and I will miss playing with Leann. I will miss co-captaining with Reevie and making really bad cheers with her. I will miss joking around with Emma and I will miss eating snacks and talking with Isabelle. Thank you to Ms. Behnke for giving her all to our team and to Ms. Kosow and our managers!