Athletics in Autumn

By Blake Gattuso ‘20

The fall sports season is in full swing, highlighted by nine out of thirteen teams with a winning percentage at or above .500.

Girls’ Varsity Soccer

Record (7-3)

Girls’ Varsity Soccer is off to a hot start, per usual. The perennial dominance can be attributed to an outstanding class of 2019, which includes eight returners. Even in the absence of Coach Ames and the loss of seven VI Formers the team performs at a high level. Coach Backon and the underclass players have stepped up to fill the void and then some. Captain Ainsley Dubose ‘19 says, “People were kind of nervous coming into the season but I think, so far, all the new players… have really adapted well to our team.” The team boasts a 4-2 ISL record, with big wins against Lawrence Academy (3-1) and Brooks (2-0).

Girls’ JV Soccer

Record (4-0)

The Girls’ JV Soccer team, a reliable feeder to the varsity squad, has set the tone for another successful season. Despite having three straight games canceled (!), they have managed to stay on track, most recently with a 2-1 win against St. George’s. Coaches Ms. Behan and Ms. Barila have another solid team on their hands for 2018.

Boys’ Varsity Soccer

Record (1-5-1)

Despite a slow start, things seem to be catching for the Boys’ Varsity Soccer team. After a couple close losses, the team came together and fought out a 2-0 victory. The team had been feeling the loss of ISL Offensive Player of the Year Matt Leigh ‘18, but V Form Captain Nate King ‘20 says, “we are just starting to figure out [how to overcome the loss], and we are starting to get a lot more shots on goal by playing Luca Vicinelli ‘19 up top.” Coach Cieufuentes and company look to keep rolling against Milton Academy on Wednesday (10/17).


Boys’ JV Soccer

Record (1-3)

Coach Loomer has another talented squad full of VI Formers on his hands this year. VI Former Goalkeeper Nick Bechard ‘19 has kept the games within striking distance, while all others have contributed. The team lost seven players to the Varsity team this year, yet managed to field another solid squad this year. They are coming hot off a 3-1 victory at St. George’s and look to do some damage at Milton on Wednesday.

Boys’ Thirds Soccer

Record (4-0)

The story of the Thirds Boys’ season has been a successful one, led by Aussie sensations Hamish Dickins, Jim Billingham, and Callum Byk. The team also features standout defense from returners Brett Harmon ‘21 and Norbie Vazquez ‘21. The future looks bright for these young stars, with an undefeated record heading into the stretch.

Girls’ Varsity Field Hockey

Record (6-3-1)

Coach Finnerty ‘11 and Co. have secured another successful season, displaying a 6-3-1 record. The season is highlighted by wins against BB&N and Middlesex, along with non-ISL foes Loomis Chaffee and Williston. With a plethora of underformers, the team is set up well for the rest of the season – and the long-term.

Girls’ JV Field Hockey

Record (5-1)

An unstoppable combination of defense and goalkeeping has been key in the season for the JV Girls. A total of three goals have been scored against them, compared to fifteen that they have scored. A promising core has the ability to contribute to the varsity team in the years to come. Much of their success can be attributed to the coaching of former varsity head coach Ms. Warner. They face Milton on Wednesday and look to keep the opponents score to tack on another win.

Girls’ Thirds Field Hockey

Record (1-2)

Ms. Caron’s veteran coaching experience, no matter the sport, has helped another team. The newly-created thirds field hockey team has allowed the field hockey program to expand. The team has competed against ISL opponents Tabor and Brooks and Southborough opponent Fay.

Varsity Football

(Record 0-4)

Varsity Football is coming off a tough loss to ISL powerhouse Lawrence Academy, but their play has been improving. Despite a slow start, VI Form Quarterback and Captain CJ Schumaker ‘19 says that he is proud of the team because they have lost five two-way starters to injury and the adversity they have faced has been tough, yet the guys are always “ready to step up and fill in.” The team is hoping to capture a win this Saturday against St. George’s.


Boys’ Varsity Cross-Country

(Record 9-2)

Another year, another dominant Coach Lyons led team. They have an ISL frontrunner in Grant Gattuso ‘19 who is backed by a young core, including III Former Joshua Bergers and IV Former Nolan Willoughby, that has run them to a 9-2 record. Highlighted by a sweep down at Tabor versus Milton (16-46), Nobles (21-36), and the host (25-32), they are once again a top ISL team. Personal bests were all across the board in the win. The team has ISL Championship dreams again, but they will need to run their best in the upcoming races as well. They run at home on Saturday.

Boys’ JV Cross-Country

(Record 11-0)

In the middle of an impeccable 11-0 season, part of a 49-0 regular season win streak, the Lions JV Boys’ team is at it again. Tearing through teams left and right, with times comparing to many varsity teams, the depth of the team has again been utilized. Young and old, the team is a perfect blend that makes it so successful. III Former Nick Sparrow has become a valuable asset while VI Formers Luc Coté, Kareem Chambers, and David Ragone lead. The team faces off against BB&N at home this weekend.


Girls’ Varsity Cross-Country

(Record 4-4)

A team defined by its three front-running underformers, the team has been extremely successful. Natalie Zaterka ‘22 has assumed the frontrunning role for the varsity team behind the leadership of Co-captain Kate Normandin ‘19 among others. She says that their success can be attributed to “the morale and that all the freshmen that are so into cross-country and they are dedicated to the team.” Boasting the 4-4 record, they look to finish strong before ISL Championships in November.

Girls’ JV Cross-Country

(Record 0-4)

Facing tough opponents the JV Girls are running their best this season. Co-captain Rosanna Zhao ‘19 has offered her cross-country experience to help guide the girls to improvement. Ms. Bryant is sure to be appreciative of the hard work the girls are putting in, so they can contribute down the stretch. The girls face BB&N at home on Saturday.