Leverage Points


St.Mark’s School’s institutional research bulletin is officially online.

Starting from August 2019, the Leverage Points will be sent on a quarterly basis. This is an online platform published by the Director of Institutional Research, Dr. Enterline. It aims to provide information based on past research and surveys. It covers different topics that range from health & wellness, curriculum, activities, school lives and many more. It is an online source of information for the St.Mark’s community. 

This past issue covered three major topics: Teaching & Learning, Health & Wellness, and Community Life. Under the topic of Teaching & Learning, it discussed Lion Term, preparation for setbacks at St. Mark’s, and learning outcomes. Each of these sub-topics included a chart of past surveys on St.Mark’s current students or alumni. This research provides direct insight into the thoughts of St. Markers and their learning experiences.

As for the Health & Wellness section, issues such as substance usage and mental health are discussed. The graphs alongside allow the readers to grasp the main idea in a clear and direct fashion. In addition to these charts and their explanation, Leverage Points also have links to various sites and articles that are related to the topic. A good case in point would be that an article about Juul’s impacts is formatted directly above the “% students reporting usage” chart.

Finally, the Community Life topic includes voices from different people; it touches on students’ weekend status and faculties’ opinions on their relationship with students. The Leverage Points allows the readers to know the St.mark’s community from different people’s perspectives. 

The next issue will come out in November. It will cover some of the planned programs this fall, including assessment of faculty culture & workload, expectations for St. Mark’s education, evaluation of STEM programs, and impact of the current Advanced Curriculum. These subjects would be based on multiple surveys and researches.