Annual Club Fair


On Friday, September 20th, students held their annual club fair during co-curricular. As one of the major events at St. Mark’s, over 30 clubs participated, and the whole school visited the fair and signed up for clubs. The clubs reflected a diverse student body -- ranging from science to humanities, and from politics to arts. While many club leaders used snacks as an incentive to attract potential club members, the Linguistics Club and Math Club required students to solve a problem in order to obtain the snacks as rewards. All around, students gathered to work on a linguistic question or a math brain-teaser. Moreover, clubs presented photos from previous years, for example, the Haiti Partnership and S4S (Students for Sustainability Club). Those visuals provided specificity and degree of involvement in respective clubs to new students. 

Not only did the students enjoy the club fair, but organizers also gained a fulfilling experience. Carl Guo, a fourth former who is the co-head for Debate Club, mentioned,“It's great to see people stop by your table and sign up for your club. It gives you this strange sense of achievement -- the money I used to buy candies was well spent! I said on social media that if people don't want to join my debate club, I'm going to convince them in three minutes with my debate skills. And I did that many times. It was tiring but rewarding to see people actually ‘converted’ to your club.” Reina Wang, a fourth former and head of the Robotics Blue Helmet Project Club, said that “this is my first year recruiting people at the club fair. I was so surprised to have more people signing up for the club than I expected. I hope we can all work together, bringing LEGO to more children and helping them to cultivate an interest in STEM at a young age.” 

With the support from the Dean's Office and from the faculty advisors,the clubs will host many fun activities during the entire school year!

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