The Cum Laude Society Celebration

—Amanda Wang ‘22 and Suha Choi ‘22

On Tuesday evening, May 7th, the entire St. Mark’s community gathered to celebrate the Cum Laude ceremony. With beautiful sounds of viola, cello, and piano, Richard Zhang ‘21, Stephanie Moon ‘19, and Ilya Kazantsev (from Music Department) opened up the ceremony with a charming music performance. Following the performance, the president of the St. Mark’s Cum Laude society, Mr. Rick Umiker, who is also a senior faculty in Math Department, shared a warm welcome and thoughtful words on the topic of passion. Ms. Jenna Cook, the secretary of the Cum Laude committee, then extended on the history of the Cum Laude society. The Cum Laude Society is a recognition prize given to secondary school students nationwide with outstanding academic achievements. Since 1944, St. Mark’s has been a member school of the Cum Laude Society in order to honor exceptional students every year. As the highlight of this ceremony, the awards were handed out to all the winners of the St. Mark’s Cum Laude Society in this academic year. The winners include the following eighteen VI formers: Colin Capenito, Alex Cardonick, Jae Yoon (John) Cho, Jiwon Choi, Megan Christy, Luc Cote, Haley Dion, Laura Drepanos, Grant Gattuso, Nicola Hartmann, Filip Kierzenka, Jiawen (Angela) Li, Rwick Sarkar, Yi (Leo) Xie, Matt Walsh, Yuchen (Amy) Wang, Qianqian (Selina) Wu, and Rosanna Zhao.

These students have not only done well in school,  but they have fully demonstrated their passion to learn and qualities of a hardworking intellectual during their time at St. Mark’s. These qualities have not only been shown through GPAs, but through lion term, Saturday courses, and even their extra-curricular. The faculty board of the Cum Laude prize in the school has voted on picking the winners. The St. Mark’s committee members for the Cum Laude Society of 2018-2019 were: Ms. Lauren Ames, Mr. Jacob Backon, and Ms. Lindsey Lohwater, Ms. Jeanna Cook, Ms. Marion Donovan, Ms. Colleen Finnerty, Ms. Margaret Caron, Dr. Peter Glomset, Ms. Sarah McCann, Ms. Katharine Millet, Mr. Christopher Kent, Ms. Barbara Putnam, Ms. Yue Cao, Mr. Richard Umiker, Ms. Channing Warner, and Mr. John Warren. Ms. Millet,

A huge congratulations to them for both the academic excellence and awards they have achieved!

Cum Laude Inductees 2019-X3.jpg