Lives of Consequence Campaign: School Under One Roof

—Katie Park ‘21

The public launch of the new Residential Life Initiative, which is the second phase of the Lives of Consequence Campaign, took place on Saturday, May 11th. When St. Mark’s created the Strategic Plan back in 2011, the main question that the school tried to answer was “What are we trying to do as an educational institution?” The school came up with this answer: “We are educating students to make a difference in whatever occupation they choose to go into and to make sure that they have the knowledge and habits of mind to make a positive difference,” said Mr. John Warren, the Head of School. This strategic thinking led to the creation of the Lives of Consequence Campaign.


The first phase of the Lives of Consequence Campaign included the creation of the Student Center, the STEM building, and the Global Citizenship Program. After a successful first phase, Mr. Warren and the trustee leaders came to the conclusion that the school will be able to better achieve their mission of educating young people for lives of leadership and service if St. Mark’s had a well designed new dormitory on Main Campus. This marked the second phase of the Campaign. The new dormitory, which will be replacing the West Campus dorms, will be located in the south of Theriot House and house approximately 150 students.

The buildings on West Campus would need a lot of upgrades including heating and common room space in order to serve boarding students in the next 20 years. The current common rooms on West Campus do not have enough space for boarders to hang out in. Furthermore, Mr. Warren believes that the school can “design a dorm that features something that the West Campus doesn’t have.”, and make boarding life more meaningful.

The first students to see the new dormitory will be the class of 2023. However, the good news for current St. Markers is that the school is striving towards completing its mission of being a school under one roof.