The Fall Play

—Jane Dubrova ‘20, Joy Wei‘22

The St. Mark’s Theater Department is happy to announce that this year’s Fall Play is Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes by American playwright Tony Kushner. The play explores the AIDS Crisis and the anti-gay sentiment during the conservative Reagan administration of  the 1980s. It mirrors the fear and uncertainty about AIDS that engulfed the nation at that period. The setting of the play takes place in two New York apartments. The story centers around two characters: Prior Walker, a man who is abandoned by his lover when he discovers that he has contracted the AIDS virus and Joe Pitt, a Mormon lawyer who has a troubled marriage.

In addition to theses characters there are also certain supernatural beings, such as angels and ghosts who appear to the actors on stage. The characters in this play are: Prior Walter (a gay man with AIDS, played by Illia Rebechar), Louis Ironson (Prior's boyfriend, Reily Scott), Harper Pitt  (housewife, played by Sydni Williams), Joe Pitt (Harper's Husband, deeply closet gay, played by Kian Sahani), Roy Cohn (closeted gay lawyer, played by Will Lu), Hannah Pitt (Joe's mother, played by Anu Akibu), Belize (Prior's ex-boyfriend and best friend, played by Bethany Batista) and the Angel (messenger from heaven who visits Prior, played by Alex Chen).

Stay tuned for the performance November 14th, 15th and 16th!