Irish Play Blends Humor and Tragedy

—Rebecca Wu ‘21

The St. Mark's Theater Department brought "The Pillowman" to the Black Box Theater on May 10, and May 11.

This emotionally complex play, written by Martin McDonagh, centers around Katurian, a writer who is best known for his gruesome and dark stories. When Katurian is a young boy, he finds out that his brother, Michael, suffers abuse from his parents, and as a result he begins to write stories that resemble parental abuse and child murders. Riley Scott ‘21, who casted as Michael in the play, said the show’s storyline explores the themes of relationship and loyalty. “Michael still chose to get tortured at the end of the show when the Pillowman came up to him because he loved his brother, and his stories would endure getting tortured again just so Katurian could succeed,” he commented.

During the two performances, Angela Li '19, Will Lu '20, Illia Rebechar '20, and Reily Scott '21 gave stellar performance as principal actors. The company which includes Jack Griffin '20, Anu Akib '20, Alex Chen '20 , Libby Flathers '21, Kian Sahani '20, Reevie Fenstermacher '19, and Kevin Takayama '21 also portrayed a whirlwind of characters. Director Mr. Kent said that the company were incorporated into the storyline in a way that seemed seamless and unobtrusive. "Traditionally, all of the story moments are simply spoken by the main character, but I wanted to use a company of actors to create magical moments that transported the audience into the mind of the writer and show them how he saw each story, "he explained. The play was also wonderfully supported by stage managers and crew Felicity Keyzer-Pollard '21, Lauren Tran '22, and Sierra Petties '20.

In August, the cast will be performing at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the world's largest arts festival. "I am beyond excited and cannot wait to see our cast on stage in Edinburgh," Mr. Kent said. "They have come together as a unit exceptionally well, and I know they will all soak up every moment. Being surrounded by theater for two weeks will be a real treat!"